Cute Labrador dog walks his dachshund dog friend in the snow.


This dog is the cutest ever; I am surprised from what he had done in this video. It was time for a walk in this nice snowy day, the owner took his dogs to the dog park, a Labrador dog and a dachshund dog, but what the Labrador dog did was surprising, he is acting like a big brother, he knows that he has to keep an eye on his dachshund dog friend, he is still young. The Labrador dog took the leash and walked the dachshund dog by himself without the help of his owner. These two are just incredible.


Raising two or more dogs together is not a hard thing to do, but sometimes they have different characters from each other especially when they aren’t raised together since their puppy hood or they are different in ages. It takes quite a lot of time until they can get used to each other, and lots of training, patience and treats, and then they will soon be able to get used to each other.

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All dogs like to play in snow, it’s the perfect time in the year for them, and they all enjoy playing in it. So before going for a walk with your dog in this snowy weather or before letting him out to play, you have to make sure that your dog is warmed up. All you need for your dog is to let him wear a sweater to protect it from the cold. But make sure that your dog’s breed is in need for this, because not all dogs get cold. There are many dogs like Husky dogs and others that can hold on during the cold weather because they have a thick coat, they already can’t live in hot places. Also before your dog walks on snow, let him wear boots to protect their paws from snow.