Cute Labrador puppies playing and running in slow motion

4-14-2015 4-35-29 PM

Nothing is more beautiful than Labrador puppies, watching them running, playing, and exploring life for the first time is the best thing ever to see. It’s totally adorable to see Labrador puppies open their eyes for the first time, doing things for the first time. The most amazing part in the puppyhood is seeing the mother instinct, when you see the mother cuddling and caring for her puppies’ and teaching them things for the first time. This adorable video is showing lots of beautiful Labrador puppies running around and growling happily, but what is making this video special? It’s because of the slow motion that lets you enjoy every single moment of the video, that’s what I call the furry joy. One of the best experiences ever is to raise or live with puppies. This video made my day brighter.

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Labrador dog is a Canadian breed, they got this amazing smooth and short coat, and they are one of the most well-known breeds all over the world and America’s no.1 dog. Their life span is from 10 to 12 years old. A Labrador dog is very smart, Labrador dog is smarter than the yellow, playful and energetic; they love to play and exercise. Labrador dogs are very loving and protective for their families, and they are really good with children. Labrador dogs are the sunny, the smart and the hard worker kind of dogs, it’s also important to take care of their food because they love to eat, so take care to avoid them getting fat. Labrador dog is a useful and loyal companion and the hard worker breed. The sweet nature and morals of Labrador dog makes him the best choice for a therapy dog.

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