Cute otter is getting groomed, his reaction after seeing the camera is priceless!

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This is the most adorable thing you’ll see all day! Otters are one of the cutest non-domestic animals there is out there. They’re so much fun to learn about and to watch, they have the cutest and most hilarious reactions to humans!
In this video you will see this adorable black furred otter getting a grooming session from his groomer. The otter looked like he was relaxing and enjoying his grooming, but he didn’t notice that he was being filmed! However, when he noticed the camera, he just reacted in the most hilarious way!
The otter was not able to understand what this strange black box is, so he got so flustered and a bit afraid, and it’s just super adorable. The camera man was such an unwelcomed intruder, he should have thought twice before he interrupted this otter’s relaxing grooming session!

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Otter is actually the common name for 13 different mammal species. Their diet is mainly consisting of fish and invertebrates. They live mainly in Europe and in North America, and some of the 13 species actually live in the sea and are known as “Sea otters,” however, most of the otter species live beside water bodies. Otters are known to be very playful animals, they have been observed to make waterslides and play in the water, as well as play with small stones with each other, and they are very active hunters. For many generations, otters have been domesticated and used as helpers for fishermen in southern Bangladesh due to their great hunting skills. Otters have been victims of hunting since the 1700s, but animal activists are doing their best to stop the illegal hunting of these beautiful animals.

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