Cute pug puppies get special belly rubs with a toothbrush

6-20-2015 6-19-22 PM

Nothing is cuter than these moments when you decide to have a special cuddling time with your dog, but this owner found a new special way to make belly rubs more exciting, they found that toothbrush makes a more satisfying belly rub! The way these pug puppies reacted to it was totally cute, it was heart melting, but make sure that you are looking at their legs in the end of the video because it will melt your heart.

Dogs like to be rubbed always like those cute pugs, it’s a common thing between all dogs, dogs like to be rubbed on their belly for behavioral and neurological reasons, it’s kind of showing how your dog trusts you, and how they appreciate their relation with you. It’s a totally satisfying experience for your pet. And it’s a very special way to show how much you love your dog.

6-20-2015 6-19-36 PM

No one can stop loving pug dogs or resist their cuteness, The size, the curly tail, the wrinkled muzzled face of this Pug makes it the cutest and the funniest ever; Pug breed are the oldest breed of dogs. From the pug facts is that they are not too good at swimming because of their short limbs and short nose which causes breathing problems, also they are prone to catching colds because of that short nose. Their average sleep time is about 14 hours per day; they are similar to cats that sleep about 16 hours per day. Pugs’ life span is from 12 to 15 years. They weigh about 14 to 18 pounds, and their height is about 10 inches.

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It’s a cute idea that you should try now with your lovely dog. Watch these cute pugs in the video below and if it melted your heart, share it with your family and friends.