CUTE! See what this cute dog did when her owner told her about thanksgiving night.

cute dog ever

cute dog

It’s the cutest thing in the world, you will get that feeling that you want to blow this cute dog kisses. Each time her owner asked her a question she turns her head, you will fall in love instantly with this cute dog. You will enjoy watching this adorable cutie pie; you will keep watching this video all day long, because it will make you happy.

It seems that this video had been recorded before the thanksgiving night, so the owner of this cute dog is exciting her about tomorrow, and she is asking her dog if she is ready to go to grandma’s house, and blow kisses to her friends, and to meet the family. Each time her owner asked her, the cute dog turns her head. This cute dog needs to be kissed.

Terrier dogs are very cute and lovely; the name terrier comes from the Latin word terra which means earth, that’s why terrier dogs are the cutest dogs in the world, they are very loving and protective. There are more kinds of terrier breed like Australian terrier and Norfolk terrier, but all terriers have the same morals, and the same amount of loving and caring. If you own a terrier like this cute one, you should consider yourself the luckiest of all.

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cute dog
cute dog