CUTE! See what this pit bull puppy did to the little baby.

Puppy Cuddles with Cute Baby

It can’t get any cuter than this; this video will draw a very big smile around your face, because simply these two cuties will melt your heart for 15 seconds, or maybe these 15 seconds will make your day. This 10 week old baby is sitting on his chair, and it seems that the baby is just taking a nap. Surprisingly, the 8 weeks old pit bull puppy came and sat next to her shoulder; both of babies enjoyed the nap together. Actually, I am thinking who is cuter, the beautiful baby girl or that pit bull puppy. Watch the video below and judge.

The bond between dogs and babies are very strong, there is a special relation between dogs and children; especially babies. It’s a very loving, caring, and protective relation. The funny baby in this video is very lucky to have a dog as caring as his buddy is. It’s not an easy thing to build a strong relationship between your pet and your baby, it takes time and a little bit of work. Some babies don’t get used to it easily and the same for pets. Over time, your child and your pet will learn to love, care and respect each other. And when they grow up, they will be friends forever and always loyal to one another.

Pit bulls are one of the best dogs; it’s my favorite breed because of their amazing morals. Pit bulls are emotional; they are very socializing, calm, and confident. They can be loyal family members, and they respect their owners, and have deep love for children. They are also strong and powerful. Pit bull’s weight is from 10 to 35 kg and about 35 to 60 cm height, with a life span of about 12 years average, and their litter size are from 5 to 10 puppies. Pit bull puppies ‘coat is very smooth and short haired which is easy to groom, you need to own a brush, and also use shampoo to bath them.