CUTE! She was enjoying cuddles with her boxer puppy, and then he surprises her with the first howl!

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Aww, how sweet? It’s so cute; this puppy is adorable, this is to die for. No doubt that nothing is better than having a furry four legged baby friend, watching them together, it’s adorably amazing. This owner is having a new puppy friend and she is enjoying their time together. This boxer puppy is only three week and they are having a cuddly time, the little puppy is showering his friend with cute kisses, and when the owner tried to howl, the little boxer puppy was surprising her with cute howls for the very first time. His snorting and whimpering and I can tell it made my heart just melt. He’s the cutest, isn’t it?

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Raising a puppy is the sweetest thing ever, you are very lucky, because simply the best thing about raising a puppy is to see how they are exploring life and experiencing everything in it. The most important thing in raising a puppy is to keep a camera ready, to capture the best moments. It’s stunning to record how your dog did everything for the first time. Watch this sweet bulldog puppy taking his first steps, and if you find it cute, share it with your family and friends.

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A boxer dog is the best to have, they are amazing, and they are very lovely and funny. It’s one of the most adorable breeds ever. A Boxer dog is smart, incredible, and so protective. Their life span is from 9 to 10 years, and litter average is from 6 to 8 puppies.

The boxer dog’s coat is short haired and smooth which makes it easy to groom. A boxer dog is curious and full of energy which makes them always active and playful; boxer dogs are easy to train and to teach new skills and tricks, being a “full of energy” dog makes them great partners in adventures and games.