Cute Siamese cat invites her owl friend to play!


It seems that the animals’ world is having a new friendship record between two completely different types. Meet Cleo the Siamese cat and Forbi the owl. Yes, it’s the most amazing friendship ever and it all is recorded in this video, and surprisingly, Forbi the owl is living with the Siamese cat since she was just a baby owl. She was raised with her Siamese cat friend. Since then, the best friendship ever was created.

They enjoy their time and their friendship; they enjoy playing and having fun. Here in this video you will see the cute Siamese cat cuddling with her owl friend like she is inviting her to play. The Siamese cat was very interested and curious to play. The look that Forbi gave the camera was hilarious. Their friendship is amazing, this cat and her owl friend made my day.


Already I agree with this Siamese cat, who can’t love owls? I think no one; they are one of the best birds. Owls are divided to more than 200 species and about 19 in North America. Owls are large and broad-headed. Maybe owls’ species are different in sizes and colors but they all share the same features; they can turn their heads more than 270 degrees, they have binocular vision and binaural hearing, their shapes and colors are amazing. Owls’ length starts from 13 cm to 84 cm.


I am completely surprised by the amazing bond between animals, an animal’s love is amazing, and it has no conditions. They don’t care about the size, the shape, the tempers or even the breed, and this story is the proof.

Watch this amazing video and see how the Siamese cat and the owl are playing together, if you find it interesting, share it with your family and friends