CUTNESS ALERT! 6 week old puppies are tickling their owner.

11-1-2014 3-22-50 PM

Puppies, puppies everywhere, under your head, on your head, licking you, you can see one in each direction, under your legs or on your tummy, that’s was the man’s situation. These little six week old Golden Retrievers are having a ball playing and tackling their owner.  They keep trying to lick him on the face but the owner keeps laughing hilariously and tried to stop them.  Then one of the puppies gets hold of the blanket and tries to pull it out from under the man, the man starts laughing and can’t stop.  This is a cute and funny video.  Watch to see what the Golden Retriever puppies do, you won’t stop laughing. It’s a huge amount of cuteness and love.

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Golden retriever dogs are perfect; you will fall in love with them instantly when you see one of them. Golden retrievers breed’s first country was the United Kingdom. Their life span is about 11 years average. They weight about 27 to 34 kg and a height of 51 to 61 cm.  They are well known by their amazing furry coat which needs a quiet of time and effort for grooming. They are very protective and confident dogs. You are lucky if you own one.

The video was uploaded on YouTube and it gained a huge number of successes, it gained about 2.4 million views, well, who can resist all this cuteness and laughs? The video was shared for thousands of times on social media websites and pets’ blogs. So share it with your friends and share the laughter.

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