Dad surprises his babies with a new toy, and the tiny dog’s reaction is completely HILARIOUS!

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When we were much younger, we could spend many hours of fun doing actually nothing. It was not taking much to keep ourselves entertained. However, this is not the case for many of us as we grow up. Unfortunately, we became only looking for the next big thing that will hold our attention, and we began not to appreciate the simple things in life.

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It has been almost as if we cannot get back to the basics after we became fully relying on technology. Oppositely, it is pretty easy for dogs to have fun. These adorable furry creatures do not only know how to spend a truly happy time without the technology we have, but they are also great in taking a lot of pleasure from simple things.

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When a little French bulldog was introduced to a toy as simple as a ball pit, it was like a life changing experience for him. If you can just remember how much you had played with ball pit during your childhood, you can easily feel this little puppy’s excitement.

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During a hang out at a local doggy day care, this adorable little guy could not even contain his excitement when he realized that there was not one, but two ball pits, which sizes were perfect for him to play with.

It might be hard for this puppy’s owner to get him back to play with his regular toys. However, he was lucky having this much fun!

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