Deaf Shelter Dog Cries Every Night Since The Day Her Friend Is Adopted

While finding an animal his or her forever home is always a reason for joy and celebration, it could be a cause of very different emotions for the ones who are left behind.

At Unleashed Pet Rescue in Kansas, Marshmallow who is a deaf pit bull had shared a kennel with Scooby, who was her best friend. Although it was uncertain that this pair could find a family to love, and a forever home, the two friends just found joy and solace in one another. Badly for Marshmallow, she was unlucky, as this has changed recently.

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Scooby has waited for so long at the rescue shelter, but this has finally come to a happy end for her when a loving family selected her to live with them. Unfortunately for Marshmallow, they could not take him in as well, she suddenly became on her own. The unlucky dog was inconsolable as for being alone for the first time in months.

The Unleashed Pet Rescue wrote on Facebook that marshmallow just did not stop crying all night yesterday. She became very sad and confused since Scooby, her best friend and roommate has been adopted earlier. Only finding her a forever home could heal her heart.

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While Scooby has finally found her forever home and has the chance to begin her happy life as a beloved and cherished pet, the staff at the rescue shelter is not giving up hope that Marshy could have the same opportunity soon. They keep doing efforts and enlisting people, they still hope to find her the loving family she needs and to fill the hole left behind by her friend Scooby.

Marshy is a real survivor, she has been abandoned by her owners, could be because she is deaf, and she was very sick when has been rescued. The Unleashed Rescue Shelter group believes that everyone could help finding her a forever home, where she can get the love that she really needs.

If you believe that this sweetheart deserves to find a forever home, you could visit the facebook page of Unleashed Pet Rescue

Share this video with all animal lovers you know, this might, hopefully, help to fulfill the wish of Marshy.

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