Deepika Padukone’s dog version of #MyChoice has a real message to everyone.

4-16-2015 12-21-05 AM

This video is by Deepika Padukone’s voice, and it’s called #MyChoice. This video’s goal is to respect men, women, and dogs. It’s my choice, his choice, her choice, and its choice. You don’t get to decide where the dog sleeps, it does, you don’t get to decide what food it wants, it does. It’s the dog’s choice to chase cars or just chase any other thing, it’s the dog’s choice to sleep or stay wide awake. It’s the dogs’ choices to play fetch or not to play fetch with you, to wag tails or not; because it’s not a reflection of dogs’ souls. Dogs take the choices, and we can’t choose their path for them. Just as for dogs, it is for women and men too, women and men need freedom, and so do dogs. Dogs need to have freedom, and a loving and caring life, not a neglecting and abusive life. Just as much as humans need an equal life, equality between men and women, every other animals, whether they are cats, dogs, donkeys, any animal, needs equality and a fair life.

4-16-2015 12-20-45 AM

Stray dogs and animals in general face a lot of things; they face loneliness, and danger. Facing loneliness, they find that there is no one to take care of them, no one to pet or love them, and it hurts a lot. Feeling abandoned is a feeling humans hate to feel, same goes to animals. They face lots of danger, car accidents, or animal fights. They also face cruel people, how someone can easily push them out of the way by hitting them with their leg, or just throwing something at them, rocks. People don’t realize that animals have feelings, and it should hurt you if you did something cruel to an animal, a living soul. But there are people who are willing to help them, it’s very heartwarming to see people doing their best to save an animal’s life, and offer them a second chance.

4-16-2015 12-20-21 AM

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