Demi Lovato wrote a very heartbreaking tribute for her dog Buddy.

Demi lovato with her Buddy

Nothing is harder than losing your pet, it’s painful and heartbreaking. Demi Lovato was one of those who felt that pain by losing her beloved dog, Buddy, who passed away accidently. Buddy was her Christmas gift in 2014; he was killed by a coyote attack a few days ago. As Demi Lovato explained in her twitter tribute, the death of Buddy was a tragic accident, which no one was ready for, and no one can handle it. As she explained, buddy was her beloved puppy, he was so loving and caring, and he was loved by anyone who knew him.


Maybe he was a small sized puppy but he had the biggest heart, and he gave much love to handle, he made a change in their lives. He was so gentle and loving, he is unforgettable. Demi Lovato said that he was a blessing, and they were so blessed by his presence in their life.

All what is left for her now to remember the magical moments that they lived together, he was her little angel! Buddy will live in her heart forever.  What happened to Demi Lovato is so close to what happened to Miley Cyrus and her dog Floyd. Miley Cyrus is known for her endless love for dogs, she has an army of them, but for her, her husky dog Floyd was special. Miley Cyrus got the husky dog in 2011, and he was her favorite dog between all.


Floyd passed away in mysterious circumstances, no one knows the truth but as one of her Bangerz tour’s dancers said, he was killed by a coyote in a heartbreaking accident. The Hannah Montana star explained that Floyd died on April fool’s day, which she wished was just a prank that anyone would play on her, Click here to read more about this story.