Denver the guilty dog made a new crime. Christmas ornaments mess, it’s hilarious.

12-13-2014 2-14-08 PM

Have you ever listened about Denver the guilty dog? He is the most well-known guilty dog on the internet; he is a very cute and funny. Just press the play button to see this funny video of Denver the guilty dog, it seems that Denver the guilty dog had been caught, he did a horrible thing. He messed with the Christmas tree’s ornaments, and he broke some of them. But his crime won’t hide forever. After the owner saw what Denver the guilty dog had did, he faces him with his horrible mistake, but it seems that our dear Denver didn’t admit it all, but it’s all seen on his face. Maybe he is trying to throw the crime on her dog friend. It also seemed that Denver the guilty dog is not allowed to sit on the couch, well, he loves to break the rules. You can listen to his owner trying to blame him, but I think he is not feeling the guilt at all. Whatever happened, it seems that Denver the guilty dog is really loved, despite all the mess and crimes he is doing daily.

Actually, it’s not the first crime for Denver the guilty dog; he is a professional in making a mess. He is well-known all over the internet, all his videos have more than 30 million views, not just that, there is a Facebook page set for Denver the guilty dog with more than 160k likes, it seems that Denver the guilty dog is loved. There is a children book for Denver the guilty dog, named “Denver crosses the Greek”, he also has his own website, and not just that, there are many products and t-shirts had been sold with the picture of Denver the guilty dog on it. Well Denver, you are trending, and also loved, we all are fans of Denver the guilty dog.


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