Did You Know That The Way You Snooze With Your Pet Reveals All About Your Relationship?

As a pet parent, the relationship between you and your pet is a very special one. We depend on our beloved pets as a source of much love and joy, and just like they learn many things from us, they can teach us things as well.

One of the things attached to that special pet-owner relationship is the way we are used to snooze together. It is a good chance to learn more about our shared bonds with our pets, just by observing how we do things together, as snoozing.

When I knew about my pup’s curling up to sleep by my feet, I have found that the information in this article is a real spot, and how sleeping position can reveal about the relation between pets and their parents.

Read through this to find out what your pet’s sleeping position reveals, and let us know in a comment below if it really says something about both of you.



  1. On the Chest

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If your pet loves to sleep on your chest, it reveals you have a deep connection. You are able to understand each other in your own way.

When your pet sleeps on your chest, you are in the closest position to each other, you can even feel each other’s breathing.

Whether you have not been around all day, or your pet has just been off playing in another room, it is your chance to feel really reconnected together at this close sleep position.


  1. Sprawled Out

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If your pet loves to sleep like a starfish, sprawling out on the couch or bed while no space for you, it is a sign that your relationship is all about taking control, or power dynamics. It is your pet’s cute way to tell you that they have the control right now.

This sleep position shows that you have minor issues of taking control on each other. However, it is not a bad behavior; on the contrary, they are just look funny sleeping that way. We know that your responsibility for caring and feeding often gives you the power; but you would be kind sharing it sometimes.



  1. A Pile of Puppies

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If you are somehow became a parent of a bunch of puppies, then a pile of puppies might be just like a beautiful dream comes true. It is just so familial having puppies like to sleep this way on top of you.

For piling-on newborn pups, this behavior reveals that you are like pseudo-father or mother for them. They may yearn close by each other to you just as you have a parent-child relationship.


  1. CuddlingPetsfans 0113 - 4

Cuddling with your pet is just like cuddling with close people to you. Both you and your pet are valuing how you show love to each other; it indicates how much you really care. When your puppy gives you that gentle nudge with their nose, or your kitty rubs up against your leg, it is all about affection.

At bedtime, the cuddle fest is the ultimate way to show how you care and love each other, because, you know, showing love is as important as carrying it.


  1. In Your FacePetsfans 0113 - 5 

If your pet likes to sleep on your head or your face, it indicates that there are some real kinks that need you two to work them out. Your relationship might be imperfect. You may truly love each deeply, but, sometime, you are not on the same wave.

Instead of taking things awkwardly when prying your pet off your face, handle this issue gently to find a comfortable position for both of you. Take it as a chance to ease the tension that you might both have, moreover, it is a way to compromise with your buddy.



  1. Side-by-SidePetsfans 0113 - 6

This sleeping position reveals that you are real equal partners. Your dog is taking you as a fellow dog, and you are taking your pet as a fellow person. Having such relationship together with your pet just shows how you have great mutual respect.

Your dog really knows that you are responsible for their care, and you are aware of how much love they give you in return through their companionship.



  1. Foot WarmerPetsfans 0113 - 7

If your pet likes to sleep in the foot warmer position, it shows that your pet is taking your relationship as “your care taker”. It is just an adorable way of your pet showing you that they are not here just here to run the house, but they think that it is their mission to look after you.

This reveals a caring and loyalty nature that comes only from a special pet. At bedtime, your pet knows that they should keep your feet warm.



  1. Right in the MiddlePetsfans 0113 - 8 

If you have a human partner, your pet might just like being in the middle, just like a third wheel. Definitely, this kind of relationships is not perfect. Probably, you may feel that your pet is limiting your relationship with your partner. Actually, you can show your pet same level of love while giving your human relationship the required room to breathe. However, the relationship between you and your dog will become stronger through time.



  1. Under the CoversPetsfans 0113 - 9

Well, this seems funny, and it is really is. If your pet just likes to have some fun climbing under the sheets, it shows you have a fun relationship. You carry so much love and care for each other, and, probably, you spend a lot of time playing, wrestling, and laughing together.

After a long day, there is a chance for a little more playtime. It is fun to enjoy an under-covers game. Early in the morning, it will be much easier to have some of this game again.



  1. SpooningPetsfans 0113 - 10

This position is all about feeling comfortable with each other. If your pet sleeps that way, it shows that you have an easy-going relationship and that you always feel comfortable with one another.

Neither of you are not overly needy nor requiring to get constant attention or affection. You can just satisfy sitting in the same room silently together doing unshared activities, such as you are reading a book and your pet relaxing by the television. At the end of the day, you reconnect together with some spooning.


It is just amazing how the way you and your pet sleep together can reveal about your relationship. Let us know about your pet sleep position in a comment below.


Please share this with all pet lovers you know, they will just love this fascinating information.

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