Disabled dog, Wonky takes first steps in Physiotherapy, the results are amazing.

Disabled dog Wonky takes first steps after physio

I like those kinds of videos that start with the worst of before and the best of after. This is an impressive video clip. Wonky, formerly named Juliette, she is an 11 weeks old puppy that was born with a birth defect in the tendons of her front paws, that’s why people named her wonky. Actually her condition was very rare, the veterinarian and a physiotherapist explain the technical name for the problem.  It caused her to walk on her wrists, and it was after she was separated from her mother, sadly she was separated from her mother in a very early age. Juliet was abandoned, she had been found in the street, in Bradford. While it was not necessarily painful, it was uncomfortable. Through the physiotherapy rehabilitation who takes about two weeks, part of it was to make Juliet straighten her leg for about 30 times in each day, because that will strengthen her muscles and make it stronger. Wonky was able to stretch the tendons and start walking and running with her front paws. In this video you will see how she runs and plays happily on all her four legs, but it still hard on her to run, but after she will complete her treatments, she will run all around. Now, she is healthy and saved from a life with a disability.  This is an amazing video and it is such an inspiration to everyone! Really, dogs are very strong. Now Juliet is ready to be adopted, luckily for her beauty that she got so many offers from people who wants to adopt her and give her love. So we hope she will find her an amazing safe home soon.