DIY: Don’t throw your old sweater away, and do this amazing thing to your dog!

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Who hates getting new things out of the old ones? No one! As years go by, we find that some of our stuff became old by time, and instead of looking for new pieces, it will be better to figure out how to recycle the old ones and change how it look and change also the usage of them, and also how to use them in things that we need in our lives, for us or for our pets.

In this video you will be inspired by this crafter who made an adorable DIY dog bed out of an old shirt, can you believe it? Now let’s start, follow the steps to get your dog’s comfy bed.

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Now we will start by preparing the stuff we need:

1-Yarn and needle


3-1 or 2 old pillows

4-An old sweater

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The first step is to close the sweater’s neck using the yarn and the needle, then cut and knot in the end. Secondly, repeat again across the chest, then cut and knot when you finish. Now bring the pillows, cut them out and let the stuffed cotton out, it’s time to stuff the sweater. Start to fill the sleeves first, and then fill the whole sweater with stuffed cotton. After finishing stuffing the sweater, it’s time to close the sweater’s waist by knitting it, then cut and knot when you finish. After that fill one of the sleeves into the other and stitch them together. Now the sleeves are rounded, so all what you have to do is to stitch waist to the sleeves, and then here we go, the bed is ready. The most exciting step is to put it there and call your dog to try his new bed, you will find him wagging his tail happily just like this dog.

Source: How to turn an old sweater into a super cute dog bed! by LittleThingsVideo on Rumble