Doctors Reveals 11 Symptoms In Your Dog You Should Never Ignore!

Certainly, one crucial key to define serious medical issues is being attentive to what is going in our bodies. Unfortunately, our beloved pets cannot tell us when they feel that there is something wrong inside their bodies.

Just as in humans, there are symptoms in dogs that can be definitive for certain diseases. Besides keeping an eye on our dogs, one basic role of us as dog owners is to keep in mind what are the specific symptoms that can tell us when we have to ask a vet, this is extremely effective key for keeping our dogs happy and healthy.

As the medical advice cannot be replaced, the exclusive info collected in this article about most serious diseases’ symptoms in dogs can helpful telling you when your doggie needs a medical help.

The first thing you have to do when you notice these symptoms in your dog is to get it checked by the one who can exactly understand how it really feels.

I have gathered a lot of information while dealing with dogs for many years. These are the most important symptoms that I’m glad to know!


Unexplained weight loss

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Unexplained weight loss in dogs is never a good sign, it means that there is something seriously wrong is going on with them which needs a medical help.

You cannot risk that the explanation of your dog’s weight loss is a normal dietary which is caused by unserious appetite loss. Other explanations can be neuromuscular diseases, metabolic diseases, heart, and cancer diseases.

Losing a pound shouldn’t be taken seriously as a cause of alarm, but sudden and unexplained loss of 10 percent of your dog’s normal weight should be considered as an alarm that it needs to be taken for a check out right away.



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A persistent fever in your dog is a significant sign of something wrong may be going on.

Generally, fever is related to fighting infections. The normal temperature limit of dogs is from 100.5 F to 102.5 F. Once you notice that your dog’s temperature is higher than normal, get it checked by your vet, Especially if this is accompanied other symptoms.


Problems Pooping

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Diarrhea should be taken seriously because it can result in dehydration which can threaten the life of small dogs. Blood in your dog’s stool is also a sign of the internal existence of a something wrong such as a parasite infection, sever ulcers, or even colitis and anal gland conditions. Obviously, diarrhea accompanied with blood existence means that the trip to a vet is a must.


Persistent Coughing

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Besides that dogs don’t normally cough, they don’t get asthma neither, that is why coughing in dogs can be a sign of a heart problem, pneumonia, bronchitis, or tracheal collapse. Proper treatment can be anti-inflammatory or surgery.

Generally, it is necessary to consider your dog’s persistent coughing as a serious reason to get it checked out by its  doctor.


Fainting and Fatigue

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Weather your dog’s may recover in few minutes after collapsing, or will stay in the collapsed phase until helped, both cases should be taken seriously.

It is crucial to take your dog to the vet immediately if it looks abnormally tired, this is the proper action to deal with any potential illness such as kidney disease, cancer, and pancreatitis.


Distended Abdomen

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A distended belly should always be taken really serious because it is a sign that there is an abnormal swelling in the stomach area.

Many potential causes of a distended abdomen can threaten dog’s life. The swelling can relate to some serious variable causes which includes internal bleeding, hormonal disease, and cancer.

Besides being a distinctive sign of a life-threatening disease, the swelling can cause a breathing trouble for your dog if it puts pressure on the chest cavity. Certainly, it is crucial to seek medical care if you notice this symptom in your dog.


Trouble Urinating

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If you notice that your dog frequently fails to urinate, you should deal with this as a sign that it needs a medical help. In male dogs, this symptom can relate to some kind of obstruction or  bladder stones. Your vet may help it removing the blockage or operate if required.

Another distinctive sign that you should take your dog to the vet immediately is noticing blood in its urine. This can be a result of some infection, bladder stones, or cancer. Generally, seeking fast medical help is an absolute necessity when your dog has trouble urinating issues.


Difficulty Breathing

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Difficulty breathing in dogs requires medical help as soon as being noticed. It should be taken seriously just as with people. When you notice that your dog’s breathing becomes noisy or louder than normal, it should be examined by its doctor immediately. Potential cause of difficulty breathing can be obstructions,  infections, heart or lung disease.

Always take this symptom very seriously because it can lead to lack of oxygen in your dogs tissues and organs, and it can even result in a heart failure. Certainly, you should remember that taking your dog to the vet  is a must when it relates to trouble breathing.

 Red Eyes

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In dogs, redness in the whites of eye can be a sign of a serious problem. Infectious inflammation is a potential cause of eyes’ redness. Although this symptom should not be taken as a definitive sign of a life-threatening disease but certain eye disorders can cause blindness, so once you notice a significant change in your dog’s eyes, you should get it a proper medical examination right away.

Besides infection, glaucoma and eye socket disorder can be other causes of eyes’ redness in dogs. For the right diagnosis, a vet look at your dog’s eyes is crucial.



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Restless behaviors, such as scare, whining, pacing, and shaking, can be the means that your dog uses to tell you that something is wrong.

Restlessness itself may not be a cause of a certain disease, however, anxiety caused by restlessness in your dog can be a distinctive indication that they don’t feel normal  they can be signs of a variety of serious illnesses. Certainly, taking your dog to vet for a proper examination is recommended to define if it is in pain or just discomfort.



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In fact, vomiting occasionally is not a serious cause for concern. However, if your dog vomits more frequently, like three times daily or more, a medical check becomes a necessity.

Frequent vomiting can be a distinctive sign of intestinal obstruction, pancreatitis, infection, hormonal imbalance, kidney or liver disease or worse. For proper diagnosis, it is necessary to get an immediate medical check for your dog if it frequently vomits, especially when this accompanies other abnormal signs.

Your beloved dogs depend on you keeping an eye out for any of this symptoms, they will help you know exactly when you should take it to the vet.

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