Does Your Dog Keep Disturbing Your Sleep At Night?

Does your pup just keeps barking and whining all night? Learn from these people what to do.

In addition to the grouchy mornings many dog owners have, there are endless chances of going through sleepless nights when their dogs may refuse to settle. What are the possible causes of dogs’ insomnia? And what can a dog owner do in those nights?

Scroll down to learn the answer from some experienced dog owners!

Willy was a barker dog once!

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According to Michael, his owner, “Willy has been with the family for two years. We did not have to go through all these sleepless nights when we were living in our previous house. However, since we moved into our new house, it got to the point that all of us were sleep deprived, me, my wife, and the kids!”

“Willy used to sleep in the kitchen in our previous house. After we moved into a new one, we thought the laundry room would be perfect place for him to sleep, where the place is more comfortable than his previous one, and he even had a new comfy bed. Opposite to our expectation, he kept barking all night long!” said Michael.

“His previous sleeping place was closer to our bedrooms than the current one, does this relate?” Michael discussed Willy’s sleep disorder with a friend trying to figure out a solution.

Michael’s friend told him that Willy might be suffering from separation anxiety. This was actually surprising for Michael, as he thought that they were not that far from their pup! Anyway, he decided to move Willy’s bed into his bedroom at night. That is when everything became good for all!

Rex was addicted to share the bed with his owner!

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Alison’s problem with her pup Rex was different. They are together since he was a little puppy, when there was no problem to sleep together in one bed. As he is grown up now, he is just too big to share the bed with her. She tried to accommodate, but he caused her to sleep in weird positions because he was sprawling and taking almost all of the bed.

“As it does not work this way, I pushed him down, but he kept getting back over and over, and when I got him out of the room, I could not sleep either, as he did not stop barking and whining!” said Alison.

Her vet suggested crate training Rex to sleep on the floor. While Alison felt awful doing this, it actually worked.

“I got him a comfy bed, and allowed him to sleep in the same room with me. Now, he is used to sleep in his own bed on the floor, and he does not bark anymore. I just have to live with his jumping on the bed for some morning cuddles, which is not that annoying” said Alison.

Maya had to be prevented from entering her owner’s bedroom!

Laura had allergies, and that is why she had to keep her dog, Maya, out of her bedroom. Maya was not happy that she had to sleep out. Besides, she missed Laura and her boyfriend during the day, as they had to go to work.

It was obvious to Laura that her dog needed more attention, but “It was annoying how Maya was keeping whining and knocking things down every time we had to leave her to bed” said Laura.

“The smart solution for Maya was adopting another dog. Now Maya has a companion to spend the night with, and to play together during the day when we are at work” Laura added.

Younger energetic pups can be exhausting sometimes!

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Jeff and his wife, Maria, have a young pup who has a lot of energy, but they work for long hours during the day, and their only son do not live with them anymore. Their dog was barking and running through the house all night, so they tried to take him in extra morning walk, but this did not work with him.

According to Maria, “We thought it would be a good idea to incorporate him in our exercise regime, and the results have been awesome” “We began to take him for walks and runs instead of going to the gym. We also play more with him in the park, and take him for another walk before bedtime. At the end of the day, three of us get a good night’s sleep” she added.

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