The dog was away from home for 10 days, the way that the cat welcomed him back was PRICLESS!


We always love to share videos that show the amazing and strong bond between cats and dogs. What happened here is one of the most amazing videos showing how dogs and cats can have strong friendships. It all started when Bow-Z the dog was out for 10 days, he wasn’t at home, and when he got back, the cat did the unthinkable; he was like hugging him tightly! I am amazed. Jasper, the cat, was like telling his dog friend that he really missed him. What I liked most about this video is that priceless reaction of the dog, he didn’t hold back or move, he stood still, wagging his tail. The dog was very appreciating for his cat friend’s feelings. This video made my day and I can’t stop smiling.

Simply, this video is proving that the well-known quote “they are fighting like cats and dogs” is absolutely wrong. Thousands of videos proved to us that any dog and cat can be best buddies. We don’t know any basics of the bond that is between them, any dog or cat could normally live in one place, but whatever it is, this bond is perfect in every single way. There is no enmity between dog and cat. So if you want a dog and cat to have a strong friendship like those adorable two, here is how you could introduce your kitty to your dog for the first time, you have to give a walk to your dog before introducing the dog and cat to each other, and then tie the dog before meeting the cat. You have to allow sniffing; they have to know the smell of each other, and don’t ever leave them alone.

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and you will find that a special friendship had been created in few days