Dog Biting Nails: Reasons and Solutions

Dog biting nails , dogs bite their nails for a series of behaviors that generate curiosity or laughter to their owners, however, they should be taken more seriously as they can hide a bigger problem

When a dog starts to bite the nails it can be seen as normal, but if this habit is done very often it is likely that your pet will try to tell you something.

dog biting nails

Dog biting nails:

Dog biting nails ,At first you may not give much importance, but if your dog bites his nails obsessively it is important to discover what makes him act like that.

Some things that dogs do may seem curious, but we must be careful that they do not become an obsession that later brings health problems. Have you ever seen your dog bite his nails? Well, it is not normal for him to do it and these are the reasons that could cause that behavior.

why do dogs bite their nails

Why do dogs bite their nails?

There are many reasons why dogs start to bite their nails, some of them are:

⦁ Boredom
dog biting nails ,Dogs are like little children, so they need to entertain themselves and have fun every day. This way you can spend your energy and exercise them in a healthy way. When dogs bite their nails it can be an indicator of stress or anxiety, although they also do it out of boredom.

⦁ Very long nails
dog biting nails ,Maintaining the care of dogs is essential, this includes taking him to the vet, bathing him, brushing him, making regular haircuts and, of course, cutting their nails. When the nails are very long, it is difficult or uncomfortable for them to walk easily, they can also hurt themselves when they scratch or they can run the risk of tearing them with different objects.
Generally the dogs’ nails wear out when they go out for a walk with their owners, due to the soil. But those who do not walk regularly and live on soft floors have a harder time liming them naturally. When you notice your pet bites his nails it is likely that they will be disturbed.

⦁ Inconvenience

dog biting nails , Dogs can also suffer from itching, tingling or discomfort in the legs or between their fingers. Because of this it is very likely that he begins to bite his nails or legs trying to alleviate those sensations. In some cases, problems such as deviations in the spine or lumbar hernias can arise, which is why it is advisable to go to the veterinarian.

⦁ Obsessive compulsive disorder
Certain dogs tend to develop these problems over the years, usually caused by stress, anxiety and boredom. If you notice that your pet bites many nails and has an unusual behavior you have to take it to the vet for him to check and advise.

Dog biting and pulling nails:

  1. He’s bored: Take him for a walk and play with him to lower his stress and anxiety levels, and to burn that energy he’s repressing.
  2. They are too long: When was the last time you cut them? Look at their growth rate and try to cut them before they touch the ground so they do not hurt or get hurt if they get stuck in mats or fences. To dogs of small breeds they grow faster.
     3. Something bothers your legs: It could be that you have stuck a splinter, have allergies or a more serious problem. In some cases lumbar problems have been diagnosed because when biting the legs they try to alleviate the sensation of tingling or pain.
  3. Suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder: This disorder is caused by high levels of anxiety, boredom and stress; In addition to biting the nails and legs could appear other obsessive and repetitive behaviors.
dog licking and biting paws

Dog licking and biting paws:

Dog biting nails , A lot of owners observe this behavior common in dogs and wonder if they should worry. In some cases, dogs lick gently but insistently one or two legs, but other dogs go further to chew their toes, which can be disconcerting for the owner of any pet.

Then you should be worried? The short answer is yes. You should always consult your veterinarian about this behavior, especially if this appears from
Suddenly, it persists for long periods of time, or is accompanied by redness, swelling, odor, bleeding, limping or other possible signs of pain and infection.

Dog biting nails ,Although most dogs present this behavior from time to time, for unknown reasons, others are prone to licking or biting their feet excessively. In these cases, the feet (especially light-colored dogs) will be stained a pink or oxidized color very often, which is the result of chronic contact with porphyrin pigments found in saliva.

Possible causes sudden dog chewing nails – my dog bites his nails
dog biting nails ,There are a variety of reasons why your dog suddenly licks or licks its legs, including puncture wounds on the toes of the legs or the pads of the legs, fractures of claws or toes, burns, pimples (especially common) in Galgos), and foreign bodies that may appear between the fingers, such as ticks, herbal spikes and burrs.

Possible causes of chronic dog biting foot:

Allergic skin diseases is the most common reason why dogs lick and bite their legs chronically. Food allergies, in particular, are typically the culprit, and secondary infections are fungi and bacteria that can further exacerbate behavior.

Many dogs that lick and bite on their legs for long periods of time will also do so since it seems to make them feel good. In these cases, veterinarians seek an underlying non-behavioral disease that may have initially triggered the obsessive behavior.

fungal infections
A decrease in defenses, the effect of antibiotics or a humid and hot environment are some of the most common causes that are usually behind a fungal infection in dogs.

In fact, there are many types of fungus that can affect our furry friend, especially in the legs and ears. Therefore, if you have symptoms, you should take it to the veterinarian to be able to give it an adequate treatment.

dog chewing paws remedy

Dog chewing paws remedy:

Dog biting nails ,When your dog’s legs sting, lick or chew to relieve irritation. You may not know why your legs itch, but simple remedies often relieve your discomfort.

⦁ Keep legs clean
The legs of your dog interact with the world. Your hair and skin collect dirt, pollen, lawn chemicals, carpet fibers, parasites and dirt. Inspect the legs, running your fingers gently between the pads. Choose any seed and other fragments. Wash your legs with a wet cloth or soak your feet in a water bath. Sometimes, gently washing your feet with cold water after a walk and drying with a towel is enough to keep your feet from getting bitten. Repeat as necessary.

⦁ Bathing your dog
Many irritants affect your dog’s body as a whole, but they manifest as itchy claws. Bathe your whole body with an oatmeal or hypoallergenic shampoo, then rinse well. The bath removes pollen, dust, chemical residues and contact allergens while soothing the skin. Place the shampoo on the ankles, between the toes and on the pads of the feet. Fleas are especially annoying and get between the toes. Keep your fleas in check, as these pests trigger allergies and transmit diseases. Before and after bathing, inspect for ants, mites and other invaders. Check your armpits, since pests can travel through your legs to infest the legs.