Dog Gives Birth, Then An Unexpected Second Mission Started Right Away!

In North Carolina, a lot of heavy rains have caused a muddy mess in the recent days. In such a bad weather and these difficult conditions, a pregnant dog was about to give birth, she had to search for a safe place for her coming little puppies.

Underneath the building of her neighbor, Vee, the black Labrador, has found a cozy spot to give birth, but unexpectedly to her, as the heavy rains continued, a lot of slippery mud caused it to be almost impossible for her and her little newborns to be able to leave that place. Vee’s family was stuck there for almost two days!

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The owner of the new mom could not get her out from that spot under the outbuilding. He tried to lure her out with some food, but she needed to stay there with her newborns. He had to call to the Hickory Rescue Squad to help him rescuing Vee and the little babies.

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Rescuers begin with Vee. They pulled her out, and then they quickly moved to rescue the little babies. The litters who were only less than two days old were pulled one by one till there is no more down there! Rescued from the mud, eight litters are safe!

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While the rescued little puppies were muddy, they were luckily saved from the cold weather and even potential drowning because of the more coming rain. The great news is that the survived mom and all her newborns are now enjoying warmness in their dry home.

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