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How to Get Your Dog Used to Dog Grooming Tools

Dog grooming tools are the key to making sure your dogs have soft and clean fur.

Whether it is your dogs first time getting groomed, or they simply get anxious at the sight of dog grooming tools, there are several things you can do to make life a little easier for them.

Dog grooming can be fun for both of you if you have the right tips and tricks. We want to make sure both you and your dog are more than comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

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Spend time with them

As simple as it may sound, simply spending a few minutes everyday with your canine can be the key.

Put on your favourite TV show, cuddle up on the couch with them and set the dog grooming tools into close enough distance for them to see.

Every once in a while pick up one of them, lay them close to your dog or gently use them and gentlypet your dog.

Repeat this process over the course of a few days. The trick is to turn a scary or unpleasant experience into something that your dog will enjoy and regualry look forward to.

This is done in the best way, by associating dog grooming tools with you and quality cuddle time.

dog grooming tools cuddling
love, love, love your dog


Treats, so many treats


Using the reliable treat method. My mom never liked it much, she always believed that an animal should do it out of respect and love. Yes, a pet should respect and love you, but using treats in a moderate amount can also be used as rewards.

Put the new object somewhere on the ground. lay a few of their favourite treats on and around it. Repeat this process a few times, encouraging your dog to explore the new tool at their own pace.

Start by using the comb to gently groom them. Praise them and pet them while doing so. Then you should try grooming their belies a llittle bit.

This should not take more than maybe 10 minutes. At the end of it give them anothe higher quality treat .

Furthermore, you can repeat this process while “levelling up”. One day the comb, the next day the scissors ( in a protective case, of course) and then the trimmer.


Break down tasks into smaller ones

This simple step will help you, a lot.

One is for bathing and possibly combing the first time. The second time should be a little while later after you have distracted your dog with another activity.

Similar to small children, dogs have a limited attention span. Even I would get bored of 2 hours back to back hair styling.

This is why it is important that your dog has “recharged” enough to be able to for their second round of grooming.

Please remember that it is super important to be patient with them. Even if they literally start whining calm them down, give them a big hug and talk in a gentle and loving voice to them

Just make sure that they don´t get dirty again before the grooming process.


Dog grooming tools


This simple tool will be your best friend. It helps to get out small knots and tangles as well as help spread natural dog hair oils. Plastic is fine, but I would always recommend you to get a stainless steel one if you can. It doesn’t rust and won’t break in matty dog fur.


dog grooming tools comb and scissors

2. Scissors

Just like the comb, this dog grooming tool should be made of stainless steel. Good quality ones will cut through knots in no time. Keep them sharp and clean.



This is more to be used for your dogs whole body. Make sure to switch it on around them without trimming their hair so that they get used to the noise. Gently use it to go WITH the direction of their hair growth to avoid ingrown hair,skin irritaions and cutting zour dog .

4. Nailclipper

Last but not least, this one can be a bit tricky. Nailclippers are neccessary dog grooming tools, but using them correctly may be a bit of a challenge at first. Below you will find an illustration on how to use them the right way. this ensures safety for your dogs nails.

dog grooming tools nail clipper
(Credits: sitnotbark)


Here is a list of calming music that you might want to play while grooming your dog:

  • Happy by Michael Buble
  • Feeling Good by Michael Buble
  • It´s a beautiful Day by Michael Buble
  • Weightless by Marconi Union
  • Several Mozart or Beethoven classics
  • Shut up and dance with me by walk the moon
  • Mary did you know by various artists, pick your favourite!
  • Soothing sounds such as forest noises or beach noises, available on youtube.

you could turn on the same song a little prior to starting the grooming process, around the time you are introducing your dogs to the dog grooming tools.

Then again during their first trim and from there one every time.

It will make your dog a ware that it isgrooming time and they will look forwards to it.

dog grooming tools happy dog

Paw by paw instructions:

Turn on the electric devices around your dog several times a day for the course of a week. This should give them plenty of time to get used to them at their own pace.

Next, if you plan on trimming any hair around their sensitive areas, please take care.

First of all, make them associate comb and scissors with treats, as mentioned above. Once they are comfortable enough with them, you should be able to carefully cut the hair around their eyes and ears.

Last but not least, very sparingly trim their legs as there is little body and fur there. Always go WITH the direction of hair growth.

If you have any more suggestions, let me know. Also, if anyone has any more tips and tricks to get our beloved canines used to dog grooming tools, let me know in the comments. Read you next time!