Dog Has Hilarious Reaction When Dad Asks Him About The Big Mess in the Room

Many people can get caught red-handed, but not many get out of it. At that bad-luck moment, we react differently; some will just freeze and own up to their guilt, and others will deny they are responsible for anything bad, regardless how their hands are red of it!

There is no doubt that the direct approach is much better if you want to get out of it, or at least to avoid the toughest consequences. Besides apologizing for wrongdoing or any offense, there is another way to get out of it; it is a funny way! Just try being funny, cute, and as innocent as you can be. This might not be that vain attempt to avoid the tough conflict.

This dog in this video just deserve some pretty time off for the mess he caused, but can you dare to punish him? The pup’s owner was shocked when he came home and saw what his little friend was doing when he was out to amuse himself. The dog’s body and face were green, but what this deniable evidence and guilty look relate to?

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Despite chewing up a pillow or knocking the trash over, this adorable white dog preferred to do something more vibrant than that, and more colorful either! He found a green food dye, chewed the bottle open, and just tried to show his talent painting the carpet and house emerald green!

While the guilt was literally written all over the dog’s face, he probably realized that he probed his nose into stuff, not of his business. As the little puppy knew he got himself in trouble, he just settled down trying to look as innocent as he could, made the cutest expression on his face, and waggled his little tail, a perfect approach to use to avoid the bad consequences when caught doing a naughty thing. We can just learn from this little puppy how to look sweet, remorseful, and as cute as possible.

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Via Sun Gazing