Dog In Shelter Begs Someone To Be Adopted!


Shelters are the safest places for stray or abused dogs. They are the first step on their road to find better life chance in a forever home and live with a loving human. Sometimes shelters are all what these dogs have and they are their only hope. Some dogs have enough lucky to be adopted and they don’t take long time to get forever homes while others suffer and keep on waiting to be selected!

A 2-year-old Chihuahua, sadly is keeping on waiting to be adopted! He was found walking around a McDonald’s parking lot in California, running through the paths of cars. So many people tried to catch the stray dog, but they couldn’t!

An animal control officer, showed up in the scene to help who seemed to be in the same situation as the people before him. The little guy was so stubborn and would not be caught!


Then, the role of a caring passerby came, Rose Gallardo, who witnessed the whole situation and saw the running away dog and decided to give help. She got out of her car, approached the dog and held him . Somehow, she managed to make him accept and let her pet him!

 “The officer was trying to catch him by feeding him, but the dog was too smart and kept running through the parking lot,” Gallardo told The Dodo.

It seems that the little dog, needed someone to touch him gently, someone he could trust and approach and that someone was Gallardo.


Now, the little dog is at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter, and despite he is safe now, he is still suffering. He needs someone to adopt him, someone to take him to a forever home! It seems like he knows that he doesn’t belong to a cage!

January 14, is the date when the Chihuahua will be available for adoption. If anyone is interested to adopt him, contact (626) 962-3577, his ID number is A4910211.

Share with your family and friends, help this dog’s waiting comes to an end!