Dog interrupted the football game and the reason is UNBELIEVABL!

2-26-2015 12-57-49 AM

While I am watching this, I was very surprised, how this dog did that? He is very loving! It seems that this is one of the player’s dogs, but what the dog did was so beautiful. While the player was involved in the game, the black Labrador dog entered the playground, he was searching for his owner between the players, and when the black Labrador dog found his owner, he went to him, the owner leaned down and petted him, and then he held him and gave him to the security to keep an eye on him till he finish the match.

The black Labrador dog interrupted the whole football match, just to go for his owner; he was like asking his owner “Dad, haven’t you finished playing yet?” When the player started petting the dog, I felt very joyful. Both of them are so much in love with each other.

2-26-2015 12-58-13 AM

After the video was uploaded on YouTube, some viewers noticed that guy in 0:35, who looked very angry because of the dog’s interruption, so many people commented on his reaction saying that the whole world knew now that he doesn’t have a heart.

Some dogs turned the direction of the game, like the dog in this video, in a football game at the College, the game was on fire between the two teams while the Mascot dog was sitting on the side line beside more than two guards, but suddenly a football player ran out towards the dog just to catch the ball. Then there was Ryan Kreider, corps member at Texas A&M, the player was about to hit the dog so badly which may have led to harming him so badly, but what happened next will surprise you.

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