Dog Is Saved Minutes Before Euthanasia, And It’s A Miracle!

Falline Fate’s dog, Ollie, became unable to walk or stand. She thought that she would have to put him down as he became unable to move at all. When vets examined this collie, they were stumped by this medical mystery.

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All vet’s suspects for paralysis had been eliminated, though, the collie’s condition worsened. Ollie had no trauma or broken vertebrae, and he had no sign of cancer. The pup’s family could not help but schedule a time to euthanize him.

A few moments before putting Ollie down, a vet made an unexpected discovery when he was prepping him for the euthanizing procedure. He noticed a tiny mark behind the pup’s ear. When he took a closer look, he discovered a tick lodged there.

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Probably, Ollie picked up this tick during the family’s recent camping trip, and it was the culprit of his paralysis. A few hours later to the removal of this tick and treatment with medication and topical ointments, Ollie began showing signs of recovery!

Undoubtedly, Ollie’s family was much relieved seeing Ollie getting back on his feet, and to his old self.

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Any pup can pick up a tick, but now, Ollie’s family is promising to be more cautious, especially if they are in a place where there are tall grasses.

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