Cruel Person Ties A Dog To A Tree And Leaves Him To Suffer During Rising Floods


When the flood waters rose in Louisiana, everyone tried to make their best to stay safe and made sure their family members are safe, too! Floods are a terrifying experience only lucky people can survive. Natural phenomena aren’t dangerous for people only, they are dangerous for animals and plants, as well!

Kind people don’t only ensure the safety of their families but their pets too! Except for one lonely dog that was tied to a tree by his own owner and left outside when the waters started rising higher and higher!

He was tied to a tree and many people, who saw him, took photos and posted them on social media hoping that someone would help him.

Finally, his owner Tendrick Cooper discovered what was going on with his dog after saying that his dog was staying with a family member. They were later contacted by the local authorities and, thankfully, the dog was taken inside the house.


We hope this story taught them a lesson to make sure their dog is inside next time. This is an alert for all of us to keep our pets safe!

This reminds me of a similar story of a woman that found an abandoned dog tied to the tree during a thunderstorm, what she did was epic.

Thousands of dogs now are abandoned in streets facing the difficulties of life, and the cold weather.  Having no warm place to sleep, or a shelter that they can stay under to protect them from the rain and thunder.  They even struggle to find a dirty blanket to cover themselves with. What this woman had done showed kindness and proved that there is hope in human kind!

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