Dog Waits In A Crumbling Well For Someone To Rescue Him

A street dog in India, somehow fell into a deep and unstable well. The poor dog found himself all alone in that scary place with no one at his sight and no way out.

The poor dog had nothing to do but huddle up in a corner of a hole, waiting and hoping someone out there will notice and rescue him!

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Then the role of Animal Aid Unlimited came. They received calls for help about the dog and right away they set their minds on the task. They found the dog hiding but once he saw people looking down the well, where he was stranded, he started to bark, like he was calling for help!

The poor dog was desperately trying to climb up to reach them!

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The walls on the well were crumbling,  and it would be totally unsafe to lower someone down on a rope to reach the dog. This was so hard to achieve and nobody except Animal Aid Unlimited twas able to complete the task.  They knew exactly what they  had to do to save the dog’s life!


A crane was brought and one of the rescuers was slowly lowered down into the deep crumbling well.

The poor dog was scared to death; he continued hiding in the wall of the well, he desperately needed help but at the same time he was terrified!

The rescuer had to gain the poor dog’s trust first, before approaching him.


Finally, the rescuer managed to pick the dog up and climb up  the well, the dog was finally safe!

Thanks to Animal Aid Unlimited the dog was safely hoisted out the well. Without their help, I can only imagine the worst destiny for him but thankfully, they showed up and saved the day.  Share this amazing rescue with your family and friends if you are grateful the dog is rescued!