Dog Owners Have To Bring Their Dogs Inside When Temperature Is 20 Degrees


INDIANAPOLIS, India. on January 12, 2016, Animal Care and Treatment Ordinance’s new addition puts in a definition the extreme low and high temperatures at which dog owners must, and there is no delay, bring their dogs inside where there is a temperature in a controlled place.

The officers of INDIANAPOLIS Animal Care and Treatment Ordinance have been receiving so many calls about dogs being left outside homes in the cold weather!

“I think a lot of people that we see out here do have the best interest for their animals,” said Officer Alex Shaefer. “They do obviously care for their animals, but they may just not know how much the cold weather can affect them.”

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Officers say that weather can change within minutes and becomes chilly and dog owners must pay more attention to the new ordinance happening at the end of the year.

Pay attention in these cases:

The ordinance states that you must bring your dog inside:

  • When the temperature outside is 20 degrees Fahrenheit, or below!
  • When the temperature outside is 90 degrees Fahrenheit, or above!
  • When there is a warning of upcoming chill wind!
  • When there is advisory of heat!
  • When there is a warning of upcoming tornado!

Moreover, a dog owner has to provide a dog house with a suitable covering or blanket when the temperature outside is 40 degrees Fahrenheit!

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“Something that’s not going to hold the moisture, blankets are going to get wet and they’re going to stay wet and they’re going to freeze,” said Kim Wolsiffer, Deputy Chief of Enforcement for the Indianapolis Animal Care & Control. “So you don’t want the animal laying in that. You want to make sure it’s a more wicking material.”

You’re the responsible one of the house!

Some people believe that when you get your dog inside, it wants to stay outside playing and so on, well, that’s not true, they don’t!

This is an advice that you have to keep on your mind, leave us a comment on our Facebook page telling us what do you do with your dog when it gets chilly or heating! and Don’t forget to share with your family and friends!