This dog is playing dead in the driveway, and the reason is hilarious.

12-8-2014 12-53-15 AM

It’s something you probably never seen before and it’s the funniest thing ever. This funny dog is not dead as you thought at first, just relax, this funny dog is playing dead, and guess the reason why? This funny dog is just getting a tan in the driveway. This video is adorably funny. I’ve never see something like this before. Watch the video below.

 This dog is playing dead in the driveway, and the reason is hilarious.

So how could you train your dog to play dead? If you want to do this trick with your dog, then don’t worry, it’s very fun to try and train your dog on it. All you will just need is your fingers, a dog and some delicious treats. It starts with getting energy, let him play and run at first before you start training, then give him few minutes to relax, then let him stand still on a comfort area, like a sofa or a flat grass, then warm him up by giving him simple commands like sit, still, then start to make the bang sign, then order him to lie down, and then offer him treats, you will need to offer more treats in the first time to encourage your dog to listen to your first time command, repeat this move until he gets used to it. Anyway, it depends on your dog if he learns faster or not, but it’s a thing that you can already train your dog on it by yourself, and if your dog couldn’t do it for sometimes, don’t get mad or annoyed, just be patient.

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