A dog rescued a newborn baby! Amazing and heartwarming.


This story might be the most shocking yet amazing story ever. When I read the story, and heard it from the dog’s owner, my mouth shaped an O. This family is so lucky to have a dog like Duke. It all started when the family was awakened by their dog, Duke, whom they adopted 6 years ago from an animal shelter. Duke jumped on their bed, shaking uncontrollably. The owner immediately knew that something was wrong hence Duke is known to be calm and polite, so him being so scared was something out of the ordinary. The first thing they did was check on their 9-week-old daughter, Harper, who actually was the reason for the dog acting like this. They found Harper not breathing, and they immediately called 911. Thankfully, Harper is now okay. Duke is truly a gift, and the family is thankful for him, and his owner said that he was meant to be theirs.

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Having a pet also teaches your child to be loyal and respect his friends when he grows up, and also respect any kind of animals. Some of the families who are expecting a new baby give up their dogs, because they think that it’s protection for their baby. Dogs are very curious about babies, and according to their good temperament, they are very active and full of energy, protective and outgoing, also they are naturally gentle and kind which make them the perfect mates for babies and the best kind of a protective brother. The first step you have to take is to socialize your babies with the dog, also take care of treating your baby better than your cute dog, or even changing any attitude towards the dog because of the baby