Dog rescuers get a huge surprise, they rewarded in the best way


Talk It Up TV, the nonprofit reality TV web series back with new story, but today they are in Orcas Island, Washington when Anny Havland the host of the program asked the fans what will they do if they got $1,000 and asked to share the stories that deserve those $1,000 and like the others one man has encouraged by his friends to participate with his story, after weeks of discussion among the show members, they selected the modest man Thayne Hamilton who lives in Orcas Island, Washington, the team of the program has contacted two women of their relatives to organize plan to surprise Thayne, when they arrived there, he was so happy and excited. His story begin since 10 years when he and his wife founded the Grey Muzzle Rescue to save the abandoned and abused senior dogs, they dedicated their life to save those dogs, they paid every dollar they have on the dogs.


He relates that when he and his wife moved there, they only had 3 dogs, and then they adopted an old dog, then another old dog, till they adopted a special dog named Fluffy who had a heart attack in just two years. Their life has been changed, so they started to adopt till they adopt 23 abused dogs who were deaf, starved and blind. His wife had a terminal illness and instead of spending the money on her illness, she decided to spend it on their home and dogs. He decided to continue his wife’s hope and he started to adopt the unwanted dogs that they don’t have any place to go. What he did with the dogs, taught them how to be a dog again and they forgot what their previous experiences. When Anny learned his story, she decided to an effective thing, so she contacted Pioneer Pet Feed & Supply that provided him with the needed snack and food dogs, also another local business joined the cause.