Dog saves four newborn kittens from fire.

1-27-2015 6-29-43 PM

Are you sure that cats and dogs are created to be chasing each other? You are absolutely wrong.  What you will see in this video will blow your mind, and you will be sure that dogs and cats have a very special bond. Leo, the Lion-Hearted dog, rescued four newborn kittens from a fire that was set in the family house in Melbourne. The owner and the children all got out safely as well. Leo was the only one who could withstand the heat of the fire to return into the house to save the newborn kittens; he refused to leave them in the fire, even if this will cost him his entire life. I really wonder where their mom is.

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When Leo came outside with the last kitten, he collapsed.  The firefighters had to give him oxygen and do CPR and heart massage.  Thankfully, Leo, the Lion-Hearted Dog, has also survived the fire and thanks to him, the kittens haven’t used up any of their nine lives. The most amazing scene was when Leo the lion-hearted dog started to lick the kittens, Leo is a very kind dog, and loyal. Watch to see the incredible video footage. Dogs are very loving, protective, and loyal…aren’t they?

The video was uploaded on YouTube and gained a huge success; it received about more than 1.5 million views, with a huge number of shares on social media websites and pets’ blogs. So don’t forget to share this amazing rescue with your family and friends.

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