Dog Teaches An Orphaned Rhino A Sweet Game!

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When you see Duma and Nandi playing together, you wouldn’t believe they are not the same species. Believe your eyes they are totally different, but when it comes to friendship or love it doesn’t matter!

Although Duma is a dog and Nandi is a rare baby black rhino, they can still enjoy a flourishing friendship together, and play their own games!


“Duma … offered Nandi his fluffy toy puppy,” Thula Thula explained on Facebook,  recently. “The two (of) them had a great game!”

Duma seems to be the leader and the clever teacher, who teaches his baby rhino the game in the cutest way. Duma keeps  wagging his tail to show Nandi that there are so many things that can be interesting!

In the end, Nandi follows along happily!

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Lately, Nandi started the frolicking and Duma follows! I believe Duma is a good teacher because his only student mastered the game!

It is not the first time Duma helps in cheering up the unusual animals at the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage. The dog also made friends with a sad baby elephant that had been separated from his herd. With some magic of kindness from Duma, the calf feels much better now!

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This story proves how amazing dogs are when it comes to friendships, not only with humans, but with different species too.

“Both tails wagging,” one commenter observed, “although I am not sure if the rhino’s wagging means the same, but it sure is cute.”

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