Dog watches as her family leave forever

18-11-2015 06-34-27 م

In Waterloo, Canada, a family had to move to a new place where no dogs are allowed.  Unfortunately, they do not have money to keep her in a near by place, therefore, they had to leave Keisha behind. Try explaining this to the awaiting dog!

At the front doors of Rescue Dogs Match clinic, Keisha just sat heartbroken, she hoped that her family would show up again their sudden and unexpected disappearance.

According to the shelter organization, the three year old German shepherd is very good to people. She also loves children as she is used to living with a young child who she loved so much.

Last month, another dog attacked Keisha; this caused her anxiety when meeting other dogs. For the previous reason, she must recover at a foster home.

Keisha is a sweet girl, she is very kind, obedient, loves to protect her family, warms up easily to strangers, and she even likes cats!

You can help Keisha to find a new loving family, share her story with family and friends.  You can always spread the word and help her find someone who will open their doors for her.  To foster Keisha email  info@rescuedogsmatch.com.

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