Dog With Disability Gets Incredible Chance To Travel All Over The Country!


When Tom Dilworth saw his pup Mel for the first time, he loved him instantly. Dilworth was at a local shelter for adopting a pup when he saw this adorable 8-year-old pit bull. Mel placed her big head on Dilworth’s lap, and within a few moments later, the pup who captured Dilworth’s heart had his forever home.

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For a few weeks, things could not be better for the two best friends, but then Dilworth noticed that something was not right with his new adorable pup. It seemed that Mel could not balance, and as time went on, this problem worsened. When Dilworth took Mel to the vet, he was shocked by a devastating diagnosis.

The vet told Dilworth that Mel had a neurological disorder, which was the reason that walking would be very difficult for him. Mel’s dad did not let his condition keep him off his feet. Instead, he came up with a much better plan for Mel. The loving owner contracted for a customizable animal wheelchair for Mel from Eddie’s Wheels for Pets.

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Image Credit: Instagram / hotrodmel

Tom Dilworth and his beautiful pooch, Mel, first met at the Yonkers Animal Shelter. Dilworth was already checking out another pooch to take home, but when he had the chance to come across Mel, he knew that this adorable pup would be his perfect new best friend.

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Image Credit: Instagram / hotrodmel

After Mel lived with his new dad for a few weeks, Dilworth noticed that he kept losing his balance. The vet told Dilworth later that his pooch would not be able of walking due to a neurological disorder.

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Image Credit: Instagram / hotrodmel

Mel’s dad did not allow the terrible news about Mel’s condition to bring him down. Instead, he gifted him a customizable wheelchair.

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When Mel first used his new set of wheels, he seemed unsure of it. He probably felt a bit unnatural and strange to be propped up.

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Throughout time, Mel discovered that his wheels could help him get around in a way he never expected!

“Rocks, mud, you name it, he has rolled over or through it,” Dilworth said.

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Image Credit: Instagram / hotrodmel

Dilworth works as a professional photographer, and Mel is Lucky as his dad takes him everywhere he goes, and captures some beautiful photos of him, too. This lucky pooch has the chance to traverse Colorado Rocky Mountains, and wheel through Florida sandy beaches!

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Image Credit: Instagram / hotrodmel

Now, Mel is very much used to his wheelchair, and he is doing pretty amazing leading the pack during hiking with his loving family.

“Once he is in his wheels, watch out or he will roll over your feet,” said Dilworth.

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Image Credit: Instagram / hotrodmel

While Mel is obviously different from other dogs, he does not let this bother him.

“If he knows he is different, he does not let it show,” explained Dilworth.

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Image Credit: Instagram / hotrodmel

It is undeniable that Mel is lucky to have such loving dad, who knows how to look beyond his disorder and keeps giving him the happy life he deserves.

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