Dog Wouldn’t Let Anyone Get Close To His Little Kitten


This little kitten knows what it takes to make the right friends. It seems like the cat has all the secrets to having loyal and protective friends.

Seen in an oddly adorable YouTube video. This kitten is cuddled by a big black strong dog and another huge dog relaxed in the background.

The kitten meows slowly and tells anyone that wants to approach or look for him to talk to the dog.

At some point, the kitten decided to play with his unusual friends, so he climbs the big black dog’s back to dig his little claws and give a loving message to his big buddy.

And the dog seems to like that little message a lot!


I can only think of another playful little kitten who just wanted a piggyback ride on that dog’s back and she drove him completely mad.

Do you often hear the phrase “fighting like dogs and cats”? Well, we all do but in fact dogs and cats have  a unique bond and when they become friends, they become the best of friends! Sometimes they become friends instantly.

I like those videos that show us the amazing relation between dogs and other animals, but what you will see here is extremely special. It all started when this amazing Malamute saw this little kitten, and the bond was created between them immediately.

Watch this video and you will fall in love with their bond!

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