Dogs got talent! A dog sings Whitney Houston song, he amazed the audience.


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Imagine it, how can it be if your dog can sing? We find that some dogs love a special song, and when it’s played, they start howling with it, this dog is one of them, but he chose a special song, and he is singing with it in a very special way. This dog started singing with “I will always love you” song by Whitney Houston, it’s a hit! The owner of this dog took his dog to the Belgium’s got talent show, and let me tell you, from the moment that the dog was on the stage, the audience and the judges were amazed by the amazing talent.

The owner of this dog said that from the first moment that the dog heard the song, he started to howl with it, and from that day, that amazing talent appeared.

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Dogs got the talent. In 1980, the Carnegie Hall hosted the debut performance of Howl, a musical piece for twenty voices and three canines, arranged by Kirk Nurock. And it’s all performed by dogs. At Queen University in Northern Island, New research confirms that dogs have musical preferences, and they react with it. And the reaction is determined by the type of music. Psychologist Deborah Wells took it as an experiment and tried to expose dogs in an animal shelter and divide them in sections, everyone goes with different types of music, and not just classics, pop and rock were also allowed. The dogs’ behavior changes according to the genres. Each group reacts with their type in a totally different way. So it’s better to make a good listener out of your dog. . Dogs already have a strong sense of hearing and they interact with every surrounding sound. So let us start to form our pet’s music taste.

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