Dogs helped her in cancer battle, now see what she is doing to help them!

4-27-2015 4-17-26 PM

It’s true, the one who was in helpless need for help, is the same one who can offer help for those who need it later; this is what that lady named Angela Padilla did. Her story was so tragic; it started when she figured out that she is diagnosed with cancer, the world shuttered in front of her, how can she face her fear and disabilities alone? But she found a true companion, as a part of being busy from her pain and from thinking about cancer, she worked with dogs, she started volunteering in rescue foundations, walk dogs and help them to socialize, she understood dogs, they didn’t judge her, they didn’t see her disabilities and insecurity, all what they do is giving unconditional love, and this was the changing point.

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When Angela Padilla finally got over her disabilities, she decided to make a change; she started the “Family Dog Rescue Organization”. Dogs helped her to fight cancer, and now she wants to help dogs find there forever homes.

The Family Dog Rescue Organization is trying to help those dogs with disabilities, those who are blind, deaf, or neglected and abused! Or those who are old or scared from interacting with people after all what they have been through. She helped them get over all of these disabilities and start fresh, and the transformations in the dogs’ personalities are always magical. More than 4 million dogs get euthanized in shelters annually because they can’t find that person who helps them get that second chance. Now, the Family Dog Rescue is starting to help, maybe it’s a small organization, but they brought happiness to lots of dogs, and surprisingly, they save more than 800 dogs per year!

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Watch this touching video and share it with all your friends, you can also visit www.ilovefamilydog.com to help adopting more dogs or donating.