Dogs Love Us Like Family, and This Study Proved it


When you’ve spent a significant amount of time with a dog, be it long or short, it’s undeniable that you start realizing how much your dog actually loves you. There’s no doubt that our dogs think of us as more than just providers of food.

And because scientists are always trying to understand the complex relationship between a dog and a human, they conduct experiments that show us the magnitude of love which our pets hold for us.

A recent article on mic.com confirms to us that dogs rely on their humans for more than nutrition. Dogs are actually the only animal species that is known to run to their humans in time of distress to seek comfort and help, and also the only species that seek eye contact with humans.

Further on, a study conducted on dogs in Emory University showed us a very amazing fact about dogs and how they actually look at us.


The study was conducted using neuroimaging technique, where dogs were trained to sit very still as an MRI scanned their brains while different smells, both strange and familiar, were presented to them.

What happened when the dogs smelled the smell of their humans was amazing. When the dog smells the familiar scent of his/her owner, the reward centers in the dog’s brain light up with activity. Another study by the EotvosLorand University in Budapest showed that dogs’ brains can interpret different emotions in human voices in their brains. This confirms the fact that dogs often are aware of the emotional state of their owners.


Isn’t it amazing? It’s so heartwarming to see evidence of how dearly and intensely our dogs love us. We hope we can see more studies like this in the future. Share these amazing findings with your family and friends.