Dogs on a swing, see how they reacted when they started swinging!

5-2-2015 4-48-15 PM

I like it when I see owners giving lots of love to their dogs; it’s very heartwarming and joyful also a very funny thing to watch. The owners of the dogs who appeared in this compilation took their dogs to the park, and they decided to try a special thing in the park and let their dogs try the swing, and when the time came for swinging, and when the dogs got the first swing push, they were adorably happy.

5-2-2015 4-48-38 PM

This funny video compilation shows how dogs are feeling happy with swinging, they are looking like they are really smiling, just look at their faces; they are having the time of their lives. The dogs love the swing and I think that they won’t get off of it, and each time they will visit the park they will get on the swing to have a ride. This compilation made my day; it is so cute, it’s the most adorable of all.

When this compilation was uploaded on YouTube, it gained thousands of views, and thousands of shares on social media and pets’ blogs. Some of the viewers commented that maybe swinging is harmful for dogs, and maybe those dogs are physically hurt especially for big dogs were their tails are tucked. But it’s completely untrue, can’t you see? The dogs are really looking like they are enjoying it, dogs love to swing and they truly feel happy with an amazing smile on their faces.

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So next time you go to the park, try to put your dog on the swing like this, I am sure they will enjoy. And I’m sure that they will love you more. Watch this funny compilation in the video below and if you like it, don’t forget to share this amazing video with your family and friends.