Dogs want to have fun; well it’s time for Pooch POOL PARTY.


It’s really incredible to host a dogs’ pool party. The Pooch Pool Party was set at Lakeview Park in Nampa in Idaho, and it was definitely a day to remember.

The dogs were the owners of the pool, they had it just for themselves for only one day, and they spent the day barking, swimming, splashing, playing around with balls, and flying Frisbees to catch, with a prepared party and dance cd. They felt all the fun and joy they needed to, it was just pure happiness, dogs also need to be entertained.


The Pooch Pool Party is an annual event, and it’s the fifth year to host it again, it’s getting popular and well known every year. What makes people bring their dogs is the interesting thought of keeping them happy and joyful, and now the idea of the pool parties is applied in many other places all over the world. Really, it’s very satisfying to see dogs having this amazing time that they deserve. The video was uploaded on YouTube and gained about 700,000 views with thousands of shares, most of the viewers saw that it’s an amazing idea to let your dog take a day out in the pool and have unlimited fun.

It all started when Metro Parks’ owner, Mr. Aaron Canfield, said that since humans have pools, have swimming seasons which is offered everyday anytime, so why don’t dogs get the same chance to have fun and swim around? Well, it’s time for you to share the idea and prepare your dog for a pool party.