Dogs who fail in the fetch game are finally caught on camera, hilariously funny.

Dogs who fail in the fetch game are finally caught on camera, hilariously funny.

Is it a normal thing to play fetch with your dog? It’s a thing that we start to play with them since they were puppies, with tennis balls or anything they like to play fetch with. But in this video, you will watch a completely different thing. Who said that all dogs are good in the fetch game? It’s not true. Some dogs are failing in catching anything. In this funny video compilation, you are about to meet dogs that are failing in fetch, and they are all caught on camera. Actually while watching this, you will laugh till you fall off the chair.

First, the music is adorable, it amazed me. The second thing was the dog in 0:10, if the dogs failed in catching the ball, at least they tried, but this dog didn’t move a limb, he didn’t even run. The most amazing scene also in this compilation was that French bulldog in 0:22, he is very lazy, he can’t even jump on the sofa to catch the ball, but he is doing double the effort to reach it with his limb, and much more of funny dogs in this video compilation, enjoy watching and share this wonderful funny video with your family and friends.

Training your dog to play fetch is very easy, but it’s very important to be really patient about it. It will be better to start it from puppyhood. Start it with holding a small ball, and let your dog hold it between his mouth and train him on the drop command, train your dog to drop it, repeat it many times and add to them the order of catching things. Prepare lots of treats so your dog gets motivated. After your dog learns to fetch, you have to take it as a part of daily exercising for the dog.