Dramatic Dog Fakes Death! Hilarious



Dogs are funny creatures, they always make us laugh and smile, and they are bringers of joy. This video is hilarious, the dog in this video is just “playing dead” with his owner. This funny dog plays dead when he is finger shot. The dog is just sitting there when the owner shoots him with a finger.  The dog reacts by falling over and groaning, this dog is so dramatic! Bang is the secret word, once his owners say it, he acts like he just died; I think he is affected by movies. He is lovely, and the scene was adorable. He acted the scene out with pure perfection and was so dramatic. Some of dogs are trained to act like they are dead after a hand shot, or the secret word “Bang”.  The video reminds me of comedians who play dead dramatically in television shows and movies.  This is a funny reaction to being finger shot… How funny is this dog? He is so dramatic! Watch this video and see just how dramatic the dog is when he is shot by a finger. Don’t forget to share this amazing video between your family and friends.

So how could you train your dog to play dead, if you want to do this trick with your dog? It starts with getting energy, let him play and run at first before you start training, then let him stand still, then start to make the bang sign, then order him to lie down, and then offer him treats, repeat this move until he gets used to it.