Driver Spots A Lost Dog On The Highway, Then Cops Receives A Call 5 Weeks Later

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Fortunately, Freeway Frida’s story ended happily. This adorable German shepherd had accidentally fallen from a truck on the Highway 99 in Galt, CA. five weeks ago. Although many concerned drivers called the police to report her, they were not able to find her. Eventually, the LAPD found her trapped on a strap of the highway median, though, she was too scared to let them catch her.

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Frida looked so terrified and kept eluding her rescuers. Luckily, they could grab her before she could run away again. Now, Frida is in good caring hands as she is being treated at VCA Bradshaw Animal Hospital in Elk Grove.

Fortunately, Frida was able to take good care of herself out there. The vets say she is in good health in spite of being trapped for so long.

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