Drowning dog rescued by his owner who almost dies too.

What you’ll watch in this video is truly horrific. A man goes out for lunch with some friends. Later on they decide to take a walk along the China Walls. China Walls is an exquisite exotic spot in Hawaii with a spectacular view of the beach. However, the man’s dog decides to explore the area on his own. Suddenly, A huge wave crashed violently against the rocks and the poor doggy was swept away. Another wave follows the first one and hits the rocks with great force.

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For a heartbeat, everyone thought the dog must have been gone. It’s impossible that he would have survived being smashed with such force into the rocks. However, miraculously, he did! His tiny head could be seen bobbing up and down in the raging sea. The poor thing was trying to swim against the tides to the shore to save his life. Seeing this, his owner jumped into the water bravely in order to save his bestfriend. The situation of both dog and man was absolutely dangerous. The man had to resist the tides and swim to his dog, and then go back to the shore quickly before the next wave sweeps them away.

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Everyone was watching with bated breath. And finally the man managed to save his dog and himself. It was such a relief to have them both safe and sound. However, when you come to think of it, it was downright foolish for the man to bring his dog into such a dangerous place, especially if he wasn’t planning on keeping a close eye on him.

So next time you plane to visit China Walls, I urge not take your doggy. You don’t want your vacation to end in tragedy, do you?!

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