During this old dog’s last agility run, her owner did the unthinkable.

4-20-2015 3-03-43 PM

Dogs grow up with a very fast pace, and when they grow up, everything starts to slow down, their agility and their speed.

Meet Lakota, the Australian Shepherd who was getting ready to retire after ten years of running and jumping in agility courses. Lakota was very energetic and playful, but now she is getting old and it was time to retire, but Lakota was having a great career, and it can’t end with a normal way, so from this point, his loving handler named Val, decided to give her dog a special retirement. Val decided with the help of Lakota to have an incredible last show.

4-20-2015 3-04-44 PM

What amazed me in the whole story is the way that Val appreciated her dog and gave her the love and the respect that she truly needs. The first moment that you will press the play button, your heart will totally melt! Val worked hard to make her old dog happy; she moved only between the obstacles that she can comfortably do, that won’t hurt her joints while jumping through it, the performance was adorably great, it’s the best show for the Australian Shepherd to retire after. This show showed the world the magical talent that Lakota have. By the end of the show, Val gave Lakota an amazing hug, and it was the end of the journey.

As Lakota’s owner said, she is not a puppy anymore, she is growing old day by day, but she is still having lots of energy. It seems that the bond between Val and the Australian Shepherd dog is so strong and precious. We live in those days that people find it easy for heartless owners to give up on their dogs when they grow old, but we find that Val did her best to help Lakota do the unthinkable.

4-20-2015 3-05-08 PM

Congratulations, Lakota! You’ve left behind an amazing legacy.