A Silly Accident Costs Dwayne Johnson His Beloved Dog

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Nothing is more heartbreaking than losing your pet; it’s not easy to deal with the loss. Dwayne Johnson, The Rock, had announced some sad news.  Sadly his dog Brutus has passed away. The shocking news was announced on Tuesday. When he told the world that his beloved dog had passed away; the death was an accident, when the dog ate a poisonous mushroom while playing out with his brother, Hobbs.  Hobbs survived,  Brutus sadly didn’t.  They rushed to hospital but unfortunately, the poison destroyed Brutus’s liver and immune system. The vet said that there is no hope!

Dwayne mourned his dog by a caption he added to one of his photos with Brutus.  He said that the death of his dog is a reminder that we should love unconditionally everyday, because simply, we don’t know what might happen tomorrow.

In a touching post by Dwayne after his dog’s death, he warned every dog owner from the mushrooms, he asked everyone to be mindful of them.


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The Rock used to post many photos of him and Brutus.  One day he saved Brutus from drowning in the pool.  He explained that both brothers ran towards the pool, they sank deeply quickly to the bottom, but Dwayne jumped in, fully clothed, and rescued Brutus and his brother Hobbs.

After the incident, Brutus caught a cold.

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Brutus was a lazy dog, he didn’t want to move a limb here, just check this video as evidence.

It’s known that Brutus was only adopted one month ago. We hope that Dwayne would get over his loss soon. Rest in Peace Brutus, it’s heartbreaking to hear that you are gone. It’s very important to take care of our pets, know what they are doing, and what they are eating.