Eight Weird Dog Bathroom Habits Have Completely Unexpected Explanations!

This must have happened to every dog owner before; during a nice walk, and while everything is perfect, your pup starts behaving very strange. Actually, it might display various strange things. A pup can just start circling around as if chasing own tail, leaving a trail, or shuffling around mid-deed, at any moment.

Some other times, and most unsettlingly, your pup goes pooping with that soulful look in their eyes staring deeply at you. You must have wondered, what is going on here?

Dogs are of the most adorable animals and are full of fascinating behaviors, despite their fur smells truly weird when getting wet, and, undoubtedly, they are not typically the simplest creatures!

While some of your pup’s habits are simply their personal preferences, some others are signs of more serious things. However, when it comes to dogs, there are some pretty complex emotions to talk about. At all cases, things can look downright weird if you do not know what you should look for!

If you ever had a dog, then you know everything about what comes with pooping time. You are taking a walk and suddenly your dog stops to do their business. You start digging a plastic bag out of your pocket for cleanup, but you may also notice that your four-legged friend is having a ritual. Well, what does it mean?

Scroll down and check some amazing explanations of your pup’s weird pooping habits so that you can pay attention to them the next time you walk your pup!

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Habit #1 – The Stare

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For us, pooping is just the time to lock eyes, but dogs do not take things as we do. They actually do not worry about you looking at them while doing their business, and they do not stare at you to give them privacy. In fact, it is quite the opposite!

Wild animals are most vulnerable at defecating time. They stare at you as a member of the pack who would warn them of any potential threat. Pups are smart creatures, and they can know through your body language if there is any danger approaching.

So the next time your pup looks to you, do not feel awkward. It means ” I trust you!”

For a similar reason, your pup would love – sometimes insist – sitting with you while being in the bathroom. They are beside you, and they are looking out for you!

Habit #2 – The Scoot

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While it is annoying when your pup decides that mid-poo is the time for a little stroll, it is not actually that weird, regardless of that you have to pick it up.

For dogs, motion aids the passage of stool, and this is why dogs will sometimes take a few steps. Some other times they are interested in a smell that is a few steps away.

However, when your pup scoots, it might mean either he is trying to clean off his bum, or the glands there need a medical check. Therefore, talk to your vet if you notice this is happening a lot.


Habit #3: The Kick

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After your pup finishes up, it might like to kick up their back feet, along with soil, grass, and poo. Have you ever wondered why they like to make even more mess?

For your pup, kicking away mess is actually a cleaning up. Kitties kick litter over their poo at home for a similar reason. Moreover, scraping their feet on the ground is a way of marking their territory.


Habit #4 – The Indecision

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Your pup does not just poop out of need, but they would also poop to mark its territory. It is your pup’s way of pointing out to others that they have been here. Just like humans do when leaving notes or graffiti.

This is why your pup sniffs around. It is staking out their perfect spot where their information is sure to be noticed.

Habit #5 – The Spin

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Before pooping, your pup would love to turn in circles for a bit, just as they are used to doing before laying down for a nap. It is a way of monitoring what is going around, and to be sure everything is fine to squat in a certain place.


Habit #6 – The Compass

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Upon a research, some German and Czech researchers concluded that many dogs, while pooping, would align their bodies whether to north or south, a long north-south axis.

This might be a clue that dogs are sensitive to the magnetic field of the earth, or magneto-sensitive. However, they noticed also that happens only when the magnetic field is calm.

While there has not been a sure explanation for this behavior yet, it may be an attempt to redefine their orientation in space. Why they do this while pooping? Unsure, but it seems the doggy version of catching up on some reading while on the toilet.

Habit #7 – The Snack

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Well, this is the grossest habit. We like recycling, but seeing a dog snacking on their own product is really taking it too far.

Corophagia, the fancy name for “eating poo”, often relates to parasites, pancreatic disorder, enzyme deficiency, or poor nutrition absorption in the pup’s intestine. Anxious or stressed dogs can also exhibit this gross habit when eating a low-nutrient dry food.

This is a sign of something wrong going on with our furry friends. If you ever notice your pup exhibiting this behavior, talk to your vet about giving them a dietary supplement or switching up their diet. If this issue consists, get your pup checked up for any possible digestive issues.

Habit #8 – The Hide

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Just like with staring at you for a security reason while in a vulnerable position, your pup will not go if someone other than you is watching. In this case, your pup will prefer some privacy than being opposed to a companion who makes them feel uncomfortable.


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Just like us, no two dogs are the same. Each one has its own preferences and quirks. Your pup might be a bit strange, but remember this is what makes it “your pup”.

Make sure that your eyes are always kept on your furry friend’s habits so that you can know what really makes them most comfortable, and to know, through changes, when you should take them in a visit to the vet.

Does your pup exhibit one or more weird habits? What is the weird habit your pup exhibits the most? Please let us know in a comment!

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